Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Better

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Lots of you had questions about the how of getting better in art licensing.  Fortunately, there's lots out there if you know where to look.  Here are a few of my best suggestions:

Tara Reed
Tara is one of the most successful licensed artists in the area of marketing.  She does a terrific job.  Better yet, she shares her experience at  If you're serious about understanding the world of licensing and having at least a working knowledge of the business, her site is the first place to start.  You may not have to go any further.  

Kate Harper
Kate has had a very successful career in the greeting card industry.  First as a designer and manufacturer and now as a licensed artist/designer.  She has an in depth understanding of the market and shares her knowledge on her blog at  She also supports an online greeting card group, offers classes, and has written a couple of books on the subject.  

Michael Rhoda
If you're interested in developing your writing skills along with your artistic talent, the well known Michael Rhoda is now available for hire.  Recently relocated to some sketchy South American country after an esteemed career with several major card companies (I suspect he's running from his bookie), Michael is now offering one-on-one consultations through his blog at  This is an opportunity to learn from the best that you may not want to pass up.

Kimberly Montgomery
As I mentioned in the video, I do a small number of very hands-on portfolio reviews through out the year.  If you feel you're ready for this next step and would like to find out more, email me at

Happy Creating,

P.S. Be sure to leave us a note and let us know your questions about the world of licensing!


  1. Great info, Kimberly, thank you! I do really like the portfolio review concept and 1 month work session set up, should be a good way to work for many licensing illustrators. ~Nancy Archer

  2. I love that you are trying to help people and ask nothing in return. Very sweet of you, and generous. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your video and all of the information you share. I am ready for the next step. Toni Santos

  4. Hey, I resemble that remark!
    Seriously, Kimberly, I appreciate you including me on your list of resources. I can personally vouch for everyone on that list, yourself included. Manufacturers quickly get a sense of who the artists and agents are they want to work with, and you're on that list, as well!
    I'd say more, but I gotta run—my bookie won't take any more action on the last game of the World Series after 5:00 p.m. (Just kidding!)
    - Michael Rhoda