Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something Big! Art Review #2

Today we're featuring the figurative work of artist Jeanie, who submitted her work to Something Big!

For our Art Review #2, I'm very excited to have the fabulous Tara Reed commenting.  Tara is a very successful licensed artist and art licensing expert.  Her website www. is considered the go-to site for information and education on the art licensing industry.

Here are Tara's comments on Jeanie's portfolio:

Thank you Tara!

Here are my comments:

I found Jeanie's work to be very compelling.  Her use of color, composition and imagery are mature and evocative, and her style is emotionally compelling and unique.

As is, the application for licensing would be limited.  Her portfolio at this time would be considered 'fine art', not 'licensing illustration'. However, if this artist came to me for consultation, and was interested in developing a licensing portfolio, I see huge potential here if she was willing to work in some changes.  

I would coach the artist to work her figures into 'Angel' images, a very popular category in licensing, and add the element of inspirational wording.  With her color palette being very applicable to home decor products, she could develop a strong line of very marketable collections with just a few tweaks to her current style.  This could open up a wide range of potential licensing partners for her, providing the artist with an additional source of revenue along side her fine art and publishing opportunities.


P.S.  Thank you for joining us for Art Review #2.  Be sure and leave us a note below with your thoughts about this review and what you'd like to see next!

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  1. Awesome advice on how to make the images more "licensable". Something to think about.

  2. Excellent! As a newbie to the world of art licensing I'm really enjoying these reviews. :)

  3. Well first a huge thank you to both Kimberly and Tara for giving me such honest and really helpful feedback. I've learned so much just listening and reading the comments. Direct, detailed--that's the kind of advice every newbie should get. I so appreciate it.

  4. Jeanie, I fall more in love with your work every time I look at it! I'm a BIG fan. You'll need to look inside yourself and decide what feels right for you in terms of your work. Kimberly

  5. I love how Tara gives specific ideas for making Jeanie's images more licensable. As an artist, it's sometimes difficult to know how what you feel a need to paint can be also marketable.

  6. Love the idea about making the figures into angels. I could see that being super marketable... as well as the inspirational verses. Would love to see your work on 'art blocks' that could stand alone on shelves, etc. Great review and very helpful!

  7. Really fascinating insight and comments. I am still trying to get my head into the art licensing space and the images. This real life example is very helpful

  8. Great review and awesome feedback and comments from everyone. I too love the specific ideas Tara shares. Thank you.

  9. Love the review - thanks to both of you and Tara; I find it super useful because I am a newbie who loves to paint on canvas {wall art} and I'm trying to adapt these paintings to a wider market - signed Tara (also)